Pumping equipment

pumping equipment

We produce pumping stations designed for transporting oil, making solutions and accurately dosing chemicals. All the materials and components are checked for compliance with all the applicable standards and specifications and are provided with Quality and Compliance Certificates.

integrated in a container module

Off-the-shelf solution, including main, auxiliary process equipment and support systems.

integrated in a cabinet

For protection against environmental exposure and unauthorized access.


The pump designing and production process meets the requirements of European quality standards.

Pump stations are subjected to tests on simulators.

Pipeline welds are subjected to radiographic non-destructive testing.

Finished pipelines are tested for integrity at 125% of the operating pressure.

operating conditions
  • Installation height above sea level: ≤ 1,000 m;
  • Ambient air temperature: - 60°С to + 40°С
  • Atmosphere type (GOST 15150-69): I - II;
  • Degree of insulation pollution (GOST 9920-89) :I-II;
  • Climatic regions by snow load:


  • Warranty:24 months