Container modules

container modules

Container Modules are mobile facilities designed to protect equipment installed in them from external effects. Depending on the modification the modules can be used to install a wide range of equipment and can serve as field work stations at remote sites.

Container Modules can be used on an “off-the-shelf” basis - installation takes 1 to 5 days.

control and monitoring module
Turnkey solution for process monitoring and control.
communication module
Designed for the accommodation of communication and utility systems
diesel power plant module
Back-up power supply unit and comfortable maintenance in severe environmental conditions
operator’s module
Fully equipped work stations
lv device module
Designed for heating and process heat supply
modular boiler
Designed for heating and process heat supply
ups modules
Uninterrupted power supply for all systems

All Container Modules comply with all specification requirements.


Container Modules dimensions allow for railway transportation.


Besides the standard products we can customize the modules to customer specification.


Service life: 30 years.
Before overhaul: 10 years.
Service life of utilities: minimum 10 years.

container module components
he exact list of components is determined by the Customer at the design stage.
Generally a module includes:
  • an HV input device from an HV line (6-10 kV);
  • power transformer(s);
  • substation auxiliary equipment;
  • security and fire alarm equipment;
  • microclimate control and lighting equipment;
  • a switchboard with an ATS on the 0.4 kV side;
  • telecontrol and communication equipment
tamper resistance

Class III

fire resistance

Minimum Class IV

seismic resistance

9 points