Construction and Installation Operations

We perform not only the design and automation of industrial plants, but also carry out construction and installation operations.

This means that the entire process - from the supply of equipment to its commissioning - is transparent: the customer receives all the services from a single source, and so makes considerable financial and time savings.

When performing construction and installation operations we use only certified equipment, materials and component parts. The company’s operations are SRO certified.

we perform:
we meet the qualification and tender requirements
  • the company has been in the market for over 5 years and has the corresponding experience;
  • over 50% of the skilled personnel in the company have an industry-specific degree;
  • no legal proceedings for the past three years;
  • no delinquent taxes, profit in the past 3 years;
  • own vehicle fleet: lifting, transport and standard construction vehicles;
  • only certified equipment, materials and component parts;
  • incoming inspection of construction materials, goods and structures;
  • confirmation of compliance with commissioning deadlines;
  • positive feedback and minimum number of compliance notices issued by supervision agencies;
  • regular partners in the performance of specialist services.
our clients.
over the years we have implemented dozens of projects for companies such as: