Vacuum lifting beam

alt vacuum lifting beam
purpose and description

Vacuum beams are designed to grip and horizontally move loads. They are used to move loads with a relatively smooth and clean surface: sheet metal, ground stone blocks, wooden or plastic plates, etc.

  • Capacity: 177 sheets/min
  • Power supply: 50Hz, 220V
  • Beam control handle length: 850 mm
  • Net weight: approximately 300 kg
  • Lift capability: up to 100 kg (at over 60% vacuum and wih an tevenly distributed load).
  • Vacuum receiver: integrated in the main
  • Manual control: load grip/release
  • Vacuum pump: value ve160n/span>
  • Overall dimensions: 2436 × 1439 × 751 mm

Vacuum gripping device using 6 spring suspension vacuum pads (150 mm diameter), such as Festo ESS-150-SN, arranged in two rows on three cross-beams.

All the vacuum pads can be independently moved along the beams and disengaged with hand operated cut-off valves.

operating conditions
  • Ambient air temperature: - 20 °С to + 50 °С.
  • Relative air humidity: 30% to 80%.

The Vacuum Lifting Beam cannot be used in winds over 5 m/sec. It is equipped with a standard electrical system and is not designed for operation in facilities with a high explosion risk. For such application the Vacuum Lifting Beam should be equipped with protected components and/or compressed-air motors. This lifting device can be used in rainy and snowy conditions in compliance with the instructions specified in the Operation Manual.

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