Component parts

Component Parts

We produce separate components for equipment across our product range.

Surge protection and conditioning devices:
  • Power SPD
  • SPD for instrumentation and control circuits
  • SPD for interface circuits
Test-bench equipment:
  • Microprocessor-based Automation System Simulators
  • SAR Simulators
  • Pump Station Simulators
  • Valve Simulators
  • Utility System Simulators
power supply sources and units
  • 230V/24V, 20A Power Supply Units
  • 3-6 kVA N+1 Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Units
microclimate control
  • Temperature Regulators
  • Hydrostats
  • Filter Fans
limit switches
  • Limit Switches
communication modems
  • CM-modem (Communication Module)
corrosion resistance

All units and parts are coated with polymer powder, providing long lasting protection from environmental exposure.

high degree of

The products are supplied with fully installed and configured equipment.

conformance to

all our products conform to the standards and specifications.


each product is supplied with
a 2-year warranty.